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Spring Fitness Schedule

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Beginner’s Line Dancing:

Learn how to dance various steps in a line formation to the tunes of country music. Dances are a beginner level (32-48 count). A fun social activity that provides the benefits of an aerobic workout.

Body Blast:

A total body workout combining cardio intervals with strength training drills sure to challenge you. All levels.

Chair Yoga:

A class using a chair to assist with twists, hip openers, stretching and forward folds while following your breath. All levels.

Cycle Fit:

A 45 minute class that combines sprints, hills and intervals for a challenging cardiovascular workout. All levels.


High Intensity Interval Training alternates between intense work intervals and brief less intense periods of rest. Both cardio and strength drills will be incorporated. Intermediate to advanced levels.

Let’s Dance:

A line dancing style with fast moving music for a higher intensity workout. Bring non skid shoes. All levels.

Line Dancing:

A unique way to change up your fitness routine while having fun and learning a new dance style! Bring non skid shoes. All levels.

Mindful Meditation:

Enjoy a mid day reset with meditation. Learn how to train your attention and awareness achieving mental clarity and an emotionally calm state. Focus will be on thought, sensation or breath. All levels.

Muscle Mix:

This class will focus on improving muscle strength and endurance while using a variety of equipment. A great compliment to any cardio routine that will add to your strength training library. All levels.

Pilates with Props:

A movement discipline that integrates body awareness, breathing, flexibility, core strengthening and co-ordination. Various props will be used. All levels.


Get ready to rock your way through this full-body workout! Drum sticks are used to enhance exercises. All levels.

Restorative Yoga:

Finding flexibility through passive stretches while slowing down and relaxing into the pose. Leaving the class feelingrelaxed and rejuvenated. Pre-registration required. All levels.


Enjoy a relaxing full body stretch as you improve your flexibility and mobility. All levels.


Korean martial art combining self defense techniques, sports, self discipline, focus and meditation. This program is included in your membership. All levels 13+.

Vinyasa Yoga:

Move through a series of traditional yoga poses that stretch and strengthen the body, mind and spirit. All levels.

Yin Yoga:

A light and creative yoga flow sequence to help you find the space between poses while following your breath. Focus will be on the mind body connection. All levels.


Join us for a Latin inspired workout that will get you smiling and your heart pumping! This cardiovascular workout is so much fun you will forget you are working out. Held at Desmond Piers Building ABCC. All levels.

Reserve your spot in class by calling the desk the night before or on the same day it is scheduled.

902-638-YMCA (9622)