Flex into February


Throughout the month of February members are encouraged to get to know one another in a team effort to get healthy. 

Flex into February will consist of members working together on teams to see which team can earn the most points by being physically active. Participants will keep track of their activities and submit them weekly to the front desk. Each 20 minutes of activity equals one point and will be added to the teams total. Teams will have opportunities to earn bonus points throughout the month.

Watch for weekly updates on team scores at the YMCA and on our social media.

Final totals will be here soon. This is the standing Monday March 1.

Submitting Points info:

*Submit hours or total points once a week only. (1point = 20 minutes)
*Bring your totals to the Front Desk or email jessica.eisener@ns.ymca.ca
*Include your team colour! If you are not sure of your team colour ask staff at desk.

  • Participating in a group challenge, working towards a common goal, improves your likely hood of succeeding. 
  • Sharing individual progress provides motivation to keep working hard at reaching your goals. 
  • Great way to get active with friends and family. 
  • Fitness challenges can help build new friendships! 

Step 1—Sign up at front desk. Recruit friends and family to join you. Teams will be randomly assigned. 

Step 2—Keep track of your weekly physical activity as an individual. All physical activity counts, both in and outside the YMCA. Submit your weekly totals on Fridays to be added to your team score. All activities of 20 minutes or more count as one point. Only teams collective scores will be shared. 

Individual scores are not shared. 

Step 3—At the end of the challenge the team with the most points will be crowned-

Flex Into February 2021 Champions!