Chair Yoga 

A chair will be used to assist Vinyasa flow with twists, hip stretches, forward folds and more while seated or standing. All fitness levels and ages. 

Gentle Flow  Yoga

This class is designed to help you relax your mind, lengthen your muscles and help increase your overall flexibility. All levels. 

Morning Yoga

A combination of gentle yoga ending with a relaxing guided meditation. All levels. 

Restorative Yoga

This class is all about slowing down and working on flexibility through passive stretches with the assistance of gravity. You will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Pre registration is required. 

Sunday Yoga  

A relaxing yoga class integrating movement and music. All levels. 

Yin Yang Yoga   

This class pairs movement with relaxation. Building strength through flows, balance and breath, we will prepare the body for longer holds ending with restorative poses. Perfect for those new to yoga. 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Balance both your mind and body with a gradual warm- up followed by Sun Salutations, standing poses and relaxation. All levels.